How to quickly cure herpes on the lips at home?

Herpes on the lips is a disease that is provoked by viruses. Therefore, rapid treatment of herpes on the lips is achievable at home with the use of traditional medicine, as well as special antiviral drugs.

According to various statistical studies, from 80 to 95% of people are carriers of herpes simplex virus type I, but it does not appear in all. If the so-called "cold on the lips" worries a person only 1-2 times a year, then this is generally considered as a variant of the norm for this disease.

The disease is characterized by a latent course and periods of exacerbation with vesicular eruptions. The virus can affect any part of the skin or mucous membranes of the body. But most often during relapse, the target is the lips and nasal mucosa.

How is herpes on the lips transmitted?

Herpes simplex virus, is for life in the human body, can be activated under the action of adverse factors. For the first time, the virus enters the body in the following ways:

  • airborne droplets;
  • contact-household method;
  • through the placental barrier during pregnancy;
  • during the passage of the fetus in the birth canal;

According to WHO, there are almost 90 million people infected with the herpes simplex virus in the world today. In reality, 9 out of 10 people are affected.

Drugs for herpes on the lips

The main symptom of herpes is the appearance of bubbles near the mouth, on the cheeks, lips and wings of the nose.

Today, there are no drugs that would completely destroy the herpes virus in the human body. However, special anti-herpes drugs can quickly suppress the reproduction of the virus.

To quickly cure herpes on the lips, you can use antiviral drugs, such as any of the acyclovir-based drugs, without prescribing a specialist.

In the first stage, it is sufficient to use antiherpetic ointments, for example, herpevir, acyclovir, zovirax. These drugs can be applied to the surface of the red border of the lips for 5 days.

The most popular drugs that can quickly cure herpes on the lips:

  1. Zovirax;
  2. Acyclovir-Acre;
  3. Valaciclovir;
  4. Famciclovir;
  5. Famvir;

These drugs will help to quickly remove herpes on the lip for 1-3 days. Dosage, frequency of use and duration of treatment are indicated on the packaging or reported by the attending physician. Please note that you should not try to treat herpes on the lips with alcohol, iodine, and a solution of green diamond.

How to treat herpes on the lips of folk remedies

Do not want to use drugs? It does not matter, because herpes on the lips can be cured and folk remedies as quickly. And if you want to really speed up the process, and cure herpes in 1-2 days, then you should go to the pharmacy and buy one of the above drugs.

It is important to understand that the use of folk remedies is rather an auxiliary one, since the drugs have more antiviral effect.

And so, let's consider the most common folk remedies that help in the treatment of herpes on the lips.

  1. Fir oil - the earlier you begin to lubricate the wound with this oil, the greater the effectiveness of its use. Apply fir oil preferably every 2-3 hours.
  2. Quickly cure the disease, you can use soda. To do this, it is recommended to boil water, about 150 ml, when the water boils, add one teaspoon of soda, then remove from the heat, soak a cotton swab in this solution and apply to the affected area.
  3. To get rid of herpes on the lip, two cloves of garlic need to be pushed on a garlic press, mixed with a tablespoon of sour cream and a teaspoon of honey, and the resulting preparation spread the lips throughout the entire period of eruptions.
  4. Aloe - you can use not only the juice, but the plant itself. For this, it is necessary to cut a piece of the process, peel it off and put it on the lips, fix it with a bactericidal plaster for 15 minutes.
  5. Not only dries acne, but also wounds on the lips of ordinary toothpaste. It should be applied if bubbles have not yet appeared, but the itching that precedes their appearance is already felt.
  6. Fast treatment of herpes on the lips will provide and ordinary rock salt. To this end, the required amount of salt should be applied to the affected area on the lip, after a certain period of time, add a little more salt.

Treat people's methods with caution - many of them do not withstand criticism, and can aggravate the process.

In the case when the disease is started and ulcers have already formed, you should not forget about the rules of hygiene. In no case should the ulcers be touched, much less ripped off. If you open the bubbles yourself or peel off the formed crusts, the herpes virus can spread to other parts of the face, including the eyes or eyelids. In the fight against this ailment, self-suggestion helps a lot of people, as well as a positive and cheerful attitude.


It must be remembered that with the appearance of herpes eruptions a person becomes acutely infectious. Therefore, it is important to observe the following rules:

  1. Do not touch lips affected by rashes. If you touch them, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water;
  2. Use an individual towel, cups, plates;
  3. Do not squeeze the bubbles and do not tear off the crust;
  4. Refrain from kissing and other close contacts;
  5. If you use contact lenses, do not moisten them with saliva to moisten.
  6. Apply the hermetic cream not with your fingers, but with cosmetic sticks.

The prevention of herpes on the lips does not include the use of special vaccines. Polyvalent herpetic vaccines have shown their ineffectiveness after testing.

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